11 Reasons Ebooks Are Better Than Traditional Books?

ebooks vs traditional books
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What makes an ebook better than a traditional real/phyxical book? That’s the question you should ask yourself. If you’re considering switching from print to digital books and getting one of the many e-readers on the market today, read this post till the end.

Ebooks are the future of reading, and there are many reasons they’re better than traditional physical books. I’ve noted 9 benefits ebooks offer readers, they are:

  1. Many books in limited space
  2. Read anywhere, anytime,
  3. read on multiple devices,
  4. No expensive maintenance,
  5. Easier to carry,
  6. More durable,
  7. Save the environment,
  8. Personalized to fit the interests of the reader,
  9. Beneficial for people with low vision
  10. Less Expensive.

If you’ve never heard of an ebook, don’t worry! We’ll explain exactly what it is, how to read it and why to do so instead of buying traditional books.

The following guide will outline 9 of the best benefits of ebooks over paper books, so you can see why ebooks are better than real physical books.

What are ebooks?

Ebooks are digital books that are stored on a computer. They are made up of text, graphics, and other files. You can read ebooks on a computer, a tablet, or a phone.

  • One benefit of ebooks is that they are typically easier to read than printed books.
  • Ebooks are also portable, so you can take them with you where you go.
  • They can be read in a variety of lighting conditions, which is important for people with low vision.
  • Ebooks are also cheaper than printed books. You can buy an ebook book for a fraction of the cost of a printed book.

These were just a few of the many advantages of ebooks. Read on to learn about more.

The experience of reading an ebook is very similar to a traditional book. However, an ebook can be easily adjusted to suit different needs. This makes them ideal for people with low vision and other impairments, but it’s also convenient for everyone else.

How to read an ebook

When you are reading an ebook, you are not reading a book, but an electronic document.

When reading an ebook, you will need to have the following items:

  • An ebook reader or an ebook reading software.
  • An ebook,
  • Electricity or a charged battery (If the battery of your reader is not charged, then make sure that a charging source is available).

To start reading an ebook, open the ebook reader and the ebook. The ebook reader should automatically start reading the ebook.

If the ebook is on a PC or a laptop then open the book with the PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader).

Light source to read ebooks:

To read an ebook in full light, use a light source such as a lamp, a tube light or a flashlight. To use a light source that is adjustable, such as a lamp that has a dimmer switch.

If you have photofobia — extreme sensitivity to light — lower the display’s brightness or reading device.

Read on a PC/Laptop

Reading ebooks on a computer can be a very convenient way to get your reading fix. The most common devices to read ebooks are tablets, but you can also read on a PC or a laptop.

There are several ebook reading software available (both free and paid), so there is sure to be one that is perfect for you.

PDFAdobe AcrobatFree, 💲Android, iOSWindows, Mac
Foxit ReaderFreeAndroid, iOSWindows, Mac
DOC, DOCXMicrosoft Word💲Android, iOSWindows, Mac
RTFMicrosoft Word,💲Android iOSWindows, Mac
File format to read ebooks on a PC/Laptop

Read on e-readers

To read ebooks, there are many e-readers available in the market today. It is essential to choose the one that is best suited to your needs..

EReaders are great for people who travel a lot or who work on multiple projects at once. They are also good for reading in bright sunlight because they do not use back-lighting.


  • ePUB
  • ODT

Best e-readers:

Why read ebooks?

Many books in limited space

You can keep dozens, even hundreds, of books in just one device — whether it’s an e-reader, a tablet, a laptop or a PC.

I, personally, have 400+ ebooks in my PC which I read with the help of a PDF reader, Foxit Reader.

Keeping many ebooks in one device can save time and money. By reading an ebook on one device, you can save time by not having to go to another device to read it. You can also save money by not having to buy multiple ebooks.

There are many ways to keep many ebooks in one device. One way is to use an ebook reader app like Kindle, Kobo, or Nook. Another way is to use a library app like OverDrive or Borrowbox. But if you’re like me, organize those in folders in your computer.

Folders in my digital library
Folders in my digital library

Read anywhere, anytime

One of the best things about ebooks is that you can read them anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to lug around a physical book with you everywhere you go. And if you have a Kindle — or an e-reader, you can even read in the dark!

You can carry a large library in your bag, and since you don’t have to worry about buying more bookshelves, they take up far less space than physical books. I, personally, have a library of 400+ books in PDF format.

If you ever decide to change your location, it’s just as easy to transfer all of your books electronically. You don’t have to stress about repacking or rearranging boxes or crates when you move.

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read on multiple devices.

Another reason ebooks are better than traditional books is that they can be stored on your phone, tablet or other digital devices. You don’t have to worry about where you are storing them, as long as you have access to your device.

You can read ebook on multiple devices. So, if you read a book on your Kindle and then want to switch to your iPad, you can do that with no problem. With traditional books, it’s the opposite case. The more physical books you have, the more space you need to keep those.

eBooks from ebooks.com
eBooks from ebooks.com

No expensive maintenance

You don’t have to worry about expensive maintenance with ebooks. Real books require bookcases or some other type of storage, which can get expensive.

You also have to worry about dusting them and keeping them organized. With ebooks, you can store them on your computer or other device, and they won’t take up any physical space.

If you want to read a book on vacation but forgot to bring one with you, having an ebook on your smartphone is a great backup plan.

Easier to carry

Let’s face it, real books are heavy and bulky. They can be a pain to lug around, especially if you’re trying to read on your commute. With an ebook, you can carry your entire library with you wherever you go, without breaking your back. And if you have a Kindle or other e-reader, you can even read in the dark! Convenience should always come first.

Imagine going through airport security with stacks of paperbacks that will get destroyed by the x-ray machine. Does it make sense?

More durable than traditional books.

  1. Ebooks are more durable than traditional books because they don’t get damaged as easily.
  2. 2. You can’t drop an ebook and have it break like you can with a real book.
  3. Ebooks are also less likely to get lost since they’re stored on your device or in the cloud.
  4. If you do lose your ebook, you can usually re-download it without having to pay for it again.
  5. The digital format of ebooks makes them easy to share with others by simply passing around the reader, tablet, or laptop.
  6. They can be downloaded anywhere at any time – no waiting in line for hours for a new release!
  7. And if you’re environmentally conscious then ebooks make sense too – unlike physical books which require resources to produce and ship them from point A to point B, Ebooks do not take any space to keep — ereader do but I am specifically discussing ebooks.
  8. You’ll never need to worry about not having enough shelf space either.
  9. Additionally, there’s just something nice about being able to read what you want when you want – instead of feeling obligated to finish that one thing that’s been sitting on your nightstand for months.

Save Environment

One of the main reasons why ebooks are better than traditional books is because they help save the environment. Trees are cut down to create paper for traditional books, which can lead to deforestation and a loss of habitats for animals. Plus, the chemicals and dyes used to print traditional books can pollute the air and water. By contrast, ebooks don’t require any trees to be cut down, and they don’t use any harmful chemicals or dyes.

Personalized to fit the interests of the reader

More versatile: Whether you like reading from paper or from a screen, we have something for everyone!

  • They can be personalized to fit the interests of the reader. This means that you can find an ebook that is specifically tailored to your interests, which makes for a more enjoyable reading experience.
  • Kindles allow you to change font size (for those who find their eyesight failing) and offer white text on black backgrounds for nighttime reading – something that makes eyestrain practically obsolete when it comes to reading pleasure.
  • If you prefer reading from traditional print texts, our pdfs allow for zoom capabilities which provide crisp details at any magnification level that suits your needs – so there is never any need to squint at the text again!

Highly Interactive:

EBook readers have developed, so too have the ways in which users can interact with those. A growing trend is the use of interactive features in eBooks, which make them more engaging and easier to use.

I love this feature in PDF software and I use it often too.

One of the most popular ways to make an eBook more interactive is to add multimedia content. This can include videos, images, and sound files, which can be used to enhance the reading experience. By adding multimedia content, eBook readers can create a more immersive experience that encourages users to keep reading.

Another popular way to make an eBook more interactive is to add quizzes and challenges. This can help to further engage users and promote reading.

You can also highlight important points, write on the ebook — and modify it if needed. Draw lines or boxes.

use of interactive objects in ebooks
use of interactive objects in ebooks

Beneficial for people with low vision

One of the main benefits of ebooks is that people with low vision can easily read them. The text can be enlarged without losing any quality, and the pages can be reflowed to fit the screen size. This makes ebooks much more accessible for people with vision impairments.

People with low vision often have difficulty distinguishing objects in their environment. This can make it difficult to find things and navigate around. A vision therapy program can help people with low vision learn to see better.

enlarged text (the Holy Quran)
enlarged text (the Holy Quran)

Low vision is a condition that can affect people of all ages, but is most common in older adults. Low vision can make it difficult to see clearly — by clearly I don’t mean blurry!

Some low vision aides, like magnifiers, can make it easier to see small print and details. Computer software. There are many low vision software programs available that can. Therefore, use the zoom feature in your e-reader device or laptop.PC. You can also use the windows magnifier for this pupse just hold the win key then to zoom in press ‘=’ and to zoom out press ‘-‘.

win + = > zoom in

win + – > zoom out

Less Expensive

When you sum the cost of paper, printing, and binding, ebooks are almost always going to be less expensive than traditional books. This is especially true if you buy your ebooks from a major retailer like Amazon, Apple, or Barnes & Noble.

To ensure that you get a high-quality ebook, it’s best to buy one from a major publisher like Penguin Random House, Amazon, Bernes & Noble or HarperCollins.

These publishing houses have extensive experience in creating digital products, and they know how to do a quality job. If you buy an ebook from these publishers, you can be assured that it will be formatted correctly on all devices and will include interactive features such as hyperlinks, videos, and images. Those will further reduce the cost.


In conclusion, ebooks are better than traditional books for a variety of reasons. They are more affordable, more portable, take up less space, and you can carry more of them with you at one time. They are also more environmentally friendly and you can often find them for free. Plus, you can easily find the exact book you want to read without having to search through a physical bookstore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would happen if the device that I use to read eBooks is to die?

In most cases, if you only have digital copies of your eBooks, then you would be able to continue reading them on another device. However, if you have physical copies of your eBooks, then you would need to get them reprinted or find a new device to read them on.

If you have a Kindle, then you would be able to continue reading your eBooks on other devices that are compatible with the Kindle reading app.

Who invented eBooks?

The first eBook reader was developed in the early 1970s by Michael Hart

Do eBooks hurt the eyes if read in the dark?

The short answer is yes, reading eBooks in the dark can hurt your eyes. The blue light emitted from screens (not just one or two screens, any screen) can cause eyestrain and fatigue, and can even disrupt your sleep cycle.

So if you’re someone who likes to read eBooks in the dark, be sure to take breaks often and give your eyes rest after every 30 minutes.

How much expensive can readers be?

E-readers can range in price from around $50 to $200. The cost of an e-reader depends on the brand, the model, the features, and the size. The most popular e-readers on the market are the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and the Kobo eReader.

If you’re looking for a basic e-reader, you can expect to pay around $50-$100.

Does an eReader take a long time to charge?

It turns out that it depends on the model of eReader and the charger you’re using. For example, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 charges in about 4 hours with the included charger. But if you’re using a slower charger, it could take up to 12 hours.

Is an eReader waterproof?

Most eReaders are waterproof. So, if you drop it in the pool or spill water on it, you don’t have to worry about damaging it.

How much does it cost to publish an eBook?

There is no definitive answer to this question since eBook pricing depends on several factors, including the size and genre of the book, the publisher, and the marketing effort put in place. However, on average, a typical eBook costs $10-$15 to produce.

Who was the inventor of readers?

There is no one definitive answer to this question since it is still a matter of debate among historians. However, some believe that the first e-reader, or e-book reader, was invented by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century. Others believe that the first e-reader was actually the Sony e-Reader, which was released in 2001.

Who pioneered the concept of ebook

In 1930, British science fiction writer Edward Hamilton helped to pioneer the concept of the eBook with his story “Seed of Light.”

In this story, a future society uses a device called an “Electronic Book” which contains the entire contents of a library. Although Hamilton’s story was purely fiction, it helped to pave the way for the development of actual eBooks.

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