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Are eBooks Better Than Printed Books? A Book Lover’s Opinion

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A questioon may pop in your mind Are ebooks better than printed books? I’ll answer this in this post, keep reading!

Many book lovers would argue that ebooks are not better than real physical books, and I agree with them, to a little extent. It all depends on what kind of person you are, and how you choose to read your favorite books.


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Ebooks are better than real books. They provide many benefits which, unfortunately, physical books don’t offer. For example E-books are more environmentally friendly, cheap, easily shareable, and more portable than printed books.

I have heard many people complaining about eBooks being inferior to print books so I wanted to share with you my opinion on this matter and it is based on my experience reading both formats as well as on my background in publishing and marketing books.

Let’s find out why eBooks are better than printed books!

The Ultimate Question

As a lover of books, I often wonder if eBooks — electronic version of physical books — are better than traditional, printed books.

On one hand, eBooks are more convenient. They take up less space, they’re easy to transport, and you can carry around hundreds of them on a single device.

On the other hand, there’s something about real books that can’t be beat. The smell, the feel of the paper, flipping through the pages… there’s just something special about traditional books that eBook lovers will never understand.

why do some people prefer printed books.

I think there are a few reasons some people prefer printed books.

  • First, many people grew up reading print books and they’re used to that format.
  • Second, some people like the smell of real books (I know I do too! — their smell still reminds me of my childhood days).
  • Third, you can usually find better deals on print books than eBooks.
  • Fourth, you can donate or resell printed books after you’re done with them, but you can’t really do that with an eBook.
  • Fifth, the screen of an e-book reader (kindle, tablet, or monitors) and the light emitting from it cause eye-strain.

why do some people prefer ebooks.

I love the smell of real books — oh! yes, I do — The way they feel in my hands, and how they look on my shelves.

And when you see a library in your home, you feel you’re an intellect 😊


Electronic books have some significant advantages, though.

  • They’re cheaper than print books,
  • you can carry around a whole library on your e-reader, and
  • you can buy them instantly without having to go to a store.

Benefits of ebooks

There are many benefits of reading eBooks instead of traditional paper books.

  • You can save space on your shelves because you can store all of your ebooks electronically.
  • Another benefit is that you can take your library with you wherever you go since most people carry their phones or other devices with them everywhere they go.
  • You can also save money by buying ebooks instead of traditional books since they are often cheaper.

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Drawbacks of ebooks:

One downside to eBooks is that you can’t donate or resell them after reading. With paper books, you can pass them on to someone else or donate them to a library or used bookstore.

There’s also something about the physicality of paper books that some people prefer. You can feel the weight of the book in your hands, flip through the pages, and see your progress as you read.

The smell of the paper which takes you to the past is missing in ebooks.

And finally, traditional books don’t require batteries or an internet connection.

why ebooks are becoming more popular.

There are a few reasons eBooks are becoming more popular.

  • First, they are more affordable than print books.
  • Second, you can carry around a library of eBooks on one device, which is much more convenient than lugging around a bunch of physical books.
  • Third, you can often find eBooks for free online, whereas print books usually cost money.
  • Fourth, you can adjust the font size and other settings on your eBook reader to make the text more readable, which is great for people with vision problems.

advantages of ebooks over other forms of reading.

I’m a big fan of books. I love the feel of them, the smell of them, and how they look on my shelves. I own more printed books than I can count. So, when e-books started becoming popular, I was skeptical. Are they really better than print books? After reading both for a while, I think I’ve come to a conclusion.

Here are some of the pros and cons I’ve come up with.

I have a dedicated post on this topic explaining why ebooks are better than physical books, but here are a few advantages that are missing in physical books.

More editable

You can change

  • the appearance,
  • font size
  • magnification/zoom
  • highlight and create box around important paragraphs

in an ebook which you cannot with a paper book.

See how I have underlined and highlighted key words and paragraph in the picture below.

undefrline an ebook

More environmentally friendly than printed books.

There’s nothing like cracking open the spine of a fresh hardcover and diving into a story. But as someone who loves books, I also recognize their impact on the environment.

Many people believe that e-books have a much bigger carbon footprint than print books. But one study showed that e-books are actually more environmentally friendly than printed books.

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Cheaper than printed books.

There are many reasons why people might choose to read an eBook over a printed book. One of the most common reasons is that eBooks are often cheaper than printed books.

This is because there is no need to print, bind, and ship the book, which can save the publisher money.

Additionally, people who read e-books can often borrow them from libraries or download them for free from websites like Project Gutenberg.

More portable than printed books.

There are many advantages of ebooks over other forms of reading. Ebooks are more portable than printed books, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

They’re also less expensive than print books, so you can save money by buying ebooks instead of print books.

Plus, you can often find ebooks for free online, which is a great way to save even more money.

Easily transferred to other devices.

You can buy an eBook once and then read it on any number of devices. For example, you can buy a Kindle book on Amazon and then read it on your iPhone via the Kindle app.

This is great if you have multiple devices or if you want to read your book on the go.

Once you buy an e-book, you can read it without waiting for the delivery.

Read in bed/bus/car.

They are easier to take with you than print books, which is perfect for me because I love reading on my phone when I have a few spare minutes. And when I’m in bed and want to read just one more chapter before I fall asleep, it’s really convenient.

Shared with others quickly.

E-books can be a great way to keep up with your reading goals, and they can be a great way to share information with others quickly and easily, and they can be a valuable resource for learning new information.with others quickly and easily.

They can be read on devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and they can be shared with others using a variety of methods, including email, social media, and file sharing services.


I think that eBooks are a great way to save space and time, but there is something about the physicality of print books that I can’t help but love. For me, it’s the smell of the pages and the sound of the spine cracking open that makes reading so special.

What do you think? Are eBooks better than print books?

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