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explore about us

Digital English Shop (DES) gives information and interesting blogposts on digital marketing, particularly content marketing.. The DES also gives its readers valuable products — tools and related accessories related to digital marketing.

What you can find on this website are posts, videos, infographics, and reviews on digital marketing and related products.

The DES is maintained & owned by Nauman Nazir, a Digital Marketer, who has been blogging and working as a content creator since Feb 2015. He wrote posts on niches including:

  • Technology
  • Tech gadgets
  • Chronic Diseases (Multiple Sclerosis a.k.a. MS) — he’s a patient of MS
  • Mental Health
  • Affiliate Marketing
    • Office furniture (Amazon)
    • Laptops (Amazon)

About the owner

Nauman Nazir owner of englishshop.xyz and Skills Nugget YouTube channel
Nauman Nazir

Nauman Nazir managed several YouTube channels in the past and is doing so in 2022. His channel, ‘Skills Nugget’, is around Content Marketing and blogging.

Nazir is not only a student & professional of marketing but also has an interest in Books. So, he writes about book/ebooks and shares his reviews on top marketing books/ebooks.

He has a collection of ebooks. As he is a guy with a short vision — 10/100, It’s easier for him to read on e-readers.


You can contact our parent company ‘Skills Nugget’. Mention DES in your comment.

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