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Nauman Nazir

Copywriter and Content Marketer

Persuasive content for social media platforms

Engaging blog posts that drive website traffic and user engagement

Freelance SEO Copywriter

Here are three reasons why your comppany should choose my coppywriting services for your business

Nauman’s words have the power to inspire, heal, and transform lives.

Client satisfaction is my supreme goal.

Boost sales with targeted, compelling messaging and increases brand awareness.

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Create a content strategy that maximizes the impact of your money

Attract and retain customers, build brand trust, establishe thought leadership, and drive profitable actions, maximizing your business’s potential for revenue.

  • Attract and retain customers
  • Build brand trust and credibility
  • Establishe thought leadership in your industry
  • Drive profitable customer actions, increasing revenue potential.

How Can I Help You

Services I Offer

Email Copywriting

Craft persuasive messaging that addresses your target audience’s pain points and drives engagement, resulting in increased sales for your business.

Blog article writing

By addressing your audience’s pain points, my blog article writing service can improve engagement and drive traffic to your website, boosting your online presence.

seo service

search engine optimization (SEO)

With targeted keywords and content optimization, my SEO services boost online visibility and drive organic traffic. Improve rankings and conversions with my expertise.

Marketing can not work without research

I believe in successful go to research is key to growth. I can help you to deliver brand awareness in engagement business performance.


I research you target customers and competitor to know I best you could serve them.

Market Expansion

My writing aims to assist brands in their expansion and amplify their visibility, ultimately enhancing their potential for sucess and gain acclaim in their respective markets.

How Can I Help You

Giving Smartness To

your Business

Business Growth

Through persuasive and targeted messaging, I can increase engagement, establish credibility, and drive profitable customer action for your business.

  • Impact
  • Growth
  • Influence
  • Profitability
  • Branding
  • Success

Embracing Digital Marketing Strategies:

Leverage digital channels to target and engage with a wider audience, improve conversion rates, retain customers, and measure and optimize marketing efforts.

  • Identify
  • Target
  • Engage
  • Convert
  • Retain
  • Measure

Content Creation

“With my content writing service, I create engaging and informative posts for businesses. My offerings include:

  • Informative and affiliate posts
  • Staple and pillar posts
  • Short 500-1000 word posts
  • Long-form 3000+ word posts
  • Customized tone and style
  • Research and fact-checking

With Respect To Each Customer

I Appreciate Clients

And Their Business

My projects

Created sequenceof emails for people who left their shopping

An email sequence to welcome new subscribers or members

An email to promote an informational blog post

Promoted small business of a natural healer

An email sequence to promote a fiverr gig

A review of a walker for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients

A buyers guide of best cane for hip pain

The process of buying physical books from the Amazon’s website

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